2022 Surrey Festival
2022 Surrey Festival 154th Annual Festival Stewardship Jewel
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Stewardship Jewel Dear Sir and Brother,

As Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Surrey, I shall have the honour of presiding over the 154th MBF Annual Festival. I hope that you will support Surreyby making a donation to qualify as a Festival Steward.

All donations and orders for Stewardship Jewels must be made direct to Mark Masons’ Hall by completing the attached form.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

R.W.Bro. Ian Nelson Clark
Provincial Grand Master for Surrey, Festival President

As a Steward of the 154th Festival you will be entitled to:
  • The new distinctive Stewards Jewel and Ribbon (as shown on this page)
  • A breast pocket pad
  • A Year Bar
  • Your name added to the Stewards Roll of Honour in the Festival Results Booklet