2022 Surrey Festival
2022 Surrey Festival News:
The Surrey Mark Commemorative Calendar

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We are proud to offer this special Commemorative Calendar to mark the 154th MBF Festival. The calendar measures 314mm x 230mm (12.3in x 9.1in) and is 28 pages, including the front and back cover.
The calendar front cover The calendar back cover
Above: The front and back covers of The Surrey Mark Commemorative Calendar

Each month has a beautiful view of Surrey at the top and the days of the month clearly laid out beneath. Each day is marked by a box to enable you to note important dates, appointments, birthdays, etc.

As well as the twelve months and their accompanying photo, there is also a brief description of the Mark Benevolent Fund and photos of some of Surrey Mark Masons fundraising efforts towards the Festival.

All in all a wonderful commemorative gift.

The calendars are £10.00 plus £2.50 postage and packing, with all profits going to the Surrey Mark Festival. To order your copy please visit our on-line shop now - click here.

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